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Cat Videos &

For years we've known that cat videos have nothing to do with insurance or employee benefits. However, they are popular, and isn't time an insurance brokerage helped design benefits that were popular with employees, not just practical and boring. That why in addition to the benefits we all expect at a job, we also offer pet insurance options for you employees at group discounted rates and were among the very first national brokerages in the country to partner with to launch Pet PTO, now when you need dog walking or pet sitting, you can have access to "the nations largest network of 5 star pet sitters and dog walkers". Now give your emplolyees a way to take a vacation and not worry about who is going to look after fido, so they can truely rest easy, relax and come back to work feeling ready to conquer the next challenge you need them for! Partnering with us means you have access to a broker that constantly works to find better benefits that actually fit with your employees lives that don't have to cost your company anything extra to offer. We negotiate and structure the plans to allow for them to be 100% employee paid, 100% employer paid or anywhere in between to work with your corporate budget.

Here is an 8 hour video we think your dog(s) might like while you are at work.

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